Nicole TWN (ellipticcurve) wrote in ed_heads,
Nicole TWN

New Robbie CD planned for Spring '06

Double-checking my links on my previous entry (see below), I notice that Robbie's updated his site! The Bald One's forthcoming kids' CD, Songs For Kids Like Us, is due out in spring 2006--that's only a few months away, so now's the time to make, borrow, or steal a kid, for protective camouflage at the record store.1

Or you could order it online, or something. Bulletproof's EFO store will have it.

Rounding out the updates for the rest of the gang: Eddie continues to play with Brother Shamus, who have also set up a site on MySpace, because that's what all the kids are doing these days.

Julie is thrashing cancer's ass so badly that it was last seen, whimpering, fleeing in the direction of Jupiter. Go Julie go!

1 I do not seriously mean to suggest that there's any shame in buying stuff labeled "kids". There's plenty of stuff these days being put out ostensibly for kids that is, really, awesome for adults as well. For example, you fantasy fans will want to check out Garth Nix--why his stuff is stored in the kids' section, I really don't know, because it's plain excellent (and sophisticated) fantasy.
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