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Hi fellow ed heads-

I am a college student and I (and EFO) have been given an honor by the college radio station. I have been given a 1.5 hour time slot on a Friday night to play EFO music in what is called a Bandemonium, a different band in the same slot every week. I was wondering if you all could provide me with some help.

1)Submission of playlists would be cool. I have access to all released albums.
2)silly question, but I have'nt been to a live concert in a while, during Old Dominion when do mountains go up and come down...
3)Daughters of Farmer Brown arm pumping comes at the end starting at "some may recall" right?

I will post exact date and web listening information in a few days...
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Well, an hour and a half is a long time, so you could play damn near everything. :)

To answer your other questions:
2) "But Babe the Rocky Mountains..." is when the arms go up. "...are gradually eroding..." is when the arms come down, specifically on "eroding".
3) The arm pumping motion is called the "Crazy Joe," I think (the "something Joe", anyway), after Julie's dad. The old website used to have an animated .gif of him doing it.
First of all, you rock. :)
The mountains in Old Dominion go up on "Babe, the Rocky Mountains..." (Generally when Julie sings "mountains") and come down on "eroding".
The hand pumping dance in 3FDoFB is during the bridge. It's also called "The Joe" (and the act is called "doing the Joe") after Julie's dad, Joe Murphy. Joe's a fixture at DC-area EFO concerts; he'll come down the aisle right before the bridge, turn to face the audience, and Do The Joe.
I'll post suggested setlists in a bit. Mind if I cc your email to the discussion list?
Please feel free to get this to as many ed heads as possible. I have been thinking about contacting the band, either for images for signs or whatever they might provide, thoughts?
Oh, the band often does the intro to "Rocky Mountain High" right before Old dominion don't they?
The show will one week from Friday at 7pm central time. you can get a feed from
Playlist is going to be as in the PDF unless others comment on it. I am going to attempt to play Rocky Mountain High intro before Old Dominion