jamitch3 (jamitch3) wrote in ed_heads,

First Entry

Spent the day Saturday at the Festival for the Eno here in Durham, NC. I've been living in Durham for almost 3 years, but have somehow managed to miss the festival every year. This year, though, EFO was playing. I've missed seeing them the last couple of times they've been in the area and couldn't pass up on a chance to go and see them. Both sets were great fun, but the second one was just amazing. Besides their newer stuff, they also did Great Day, Operator and Old Dominion, plus one of Eddie's famous drum solos. Everyone there seemed to have a great time -- and brought them back out for an encore (the Beatles "Come Together) before everyone hurried off to catch the buses back to the parking lot before the skies opened up with the rain that had been threatening for most of the concert. As it turned out, the rain held off until fans and band could all get into vehicles and get on the road.

If you're ever in the area, this is a wonderful way to spend some of the 4th of July weekend, and based on the reaction this weekend from EFO and the fans, Julie, Mike, Robbie and Eddie will all be back next year.
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