Nicole TWN (ellipticcurve) wrote in ed_heads,
Nicole TWN

Attention Pacific Coasters! Fall tour shaping up

So far:
Fri. 9/30   Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse    Berkeley, CA
Sat. 10/1   McCabe's Guitar Shop   Santa Monica, CA
Sun. 10/2   Lestat's Coffee   Normal Heights (part of San Diego), CA

I will eat my hat if they don't drop by the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz; given the logistics of the tour, I'm thinking Thurs. 9/29 would be a likely date for that.

Working from this assumption, the PNW portion of the tour (if there is to be one) would likely fall the weekend before: Sept. 24 or 25 in Seattle, perhaps an intraweek stop in Portland.
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