reldnahcire (reldnahcire) wrote in ed_heads,


Hi fellow ed heads-

I am a college student and I (and EFO) have been given an honor by the college radio station. I have been given a 1.5 hour time slot on a Friday night to play EFO music in what is called a Bandemonium, a different band in the same slot every week. I was wondering if you all could provide me with some help.

1)Submission of playlists would be cool. I have access to all released albums.
2)silly question, but I have'nt been to a live concert in a while, during Old Dominion when do mountains go up and come down...
3)Daughters of Farmer Brown arm pumping comes at the end starting at "some may recall" right?

I will post exact date and web listening information in a few days...
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